A top tip for success? Get your communications team in at the start

Ever wondered how you can get residents to engage with programmes? Or how you can communicate changes in your services better? Or have a successful launch?

One of my top tips would be to get your communications team in early.

By involving communications colleagues from the beginning we can understand the aims, plan against issues and create effective strategies to reach you key audiences.

Professional communications is more than just strong project management and common sense. Communication professionals add value by seeing the bigger picture, translating policies and projects into language that people understand, and responding quickly to changing milestones and crises.

The value of communications expertise shouldn’t be underestimated

Managers and commissioners are often too close to projects to be able to see how their messaging may come across and how best to present information to get the response or behaviour change required. That is where the professionals come in.

Communications specialists can advise on language, messaging, timing and channels to use, which can make all the difference.

By involving a communications lead at the outset, project outcomes are much more likely to be met.

We know from experience

One of the recent successes I can think of was a complex street improvement programme that gave residents free rein to decide how to spend a budget on making their roads better.

A challenge not least of all because it is a new way of working for the council and our residents, and not all our residents find highways improvements exciting.

However through a combination of events led by the service, and jargon-free communications from my team we did get people engaged. And in unprecedented numbers from hugely different demographics! Why?

Well, using our expertise, we made the language, design, and tactics relevant and engaging.

Savings and success for you

Not only can professional input improve outcomes, we can build in monitoring and evaluation so next time it is even better, and give you more bang for your buck!

So save money and time, and get your communications involved early on. You’ll get better results.

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