Employee engagement – it’s where it’s at!

What’s best practice?

Cavendish conference centreI recently joined the Employee Engagement Alliance (EEA) who aim to elevate employee engagement to its rightful place as a catalyst for business and organisational success; they have eight core goals.

The EEA held a best practice learning showcase in central London. This event presented a diverse range of organisations and agencies who have been recognised for delivering highly effective employee engagement strategies.

EE slideMy takeaways were:

  • Apply a whole person approach
  • Focus on well-being
  • Senior buy-in is essential
  • The links between internal and external communications are integral
  • Your organisational values should be at the core
  • Use analytics to see how you are doing
  • Take advantage of technology to reach different sections of your workforce and their locations.

Have a look at #eelearning to find out more.

The relationship between customer experience and employee satisfaction

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Customer experience and challenging the status quo event went someway to highlight this connection. In short, happy staff = happy customers. There are lots of ways that this can be achieved and it will be an unique solution for the organisation in question.

Eamon Fitzgerald of Naked Wines talked to us about how this works in his organisation. He focuses on a clear purpose, staff well-being, empowering people, giving back to the community in line with the organisations ethos and having fun. As a result, he is able to run a successful business, achieve high levels of  staff satisfaction and retention as well as winning awards.

Be Kind

Doug Shaw – organisational development expert wrote a blog: On being kind following on from the event. I really enjoyed his insightful presentation, which had some real food for thought.


He encouraged us to:

  • Listen well
  • Experiment
  • Stay in touch
  • Speak your mind
  • Be here now
  • Be a catalyst
  • Be kind
  • Co-create and
  • Lead by example.

The CIM) Professional Marketer series events support the CIM professional marketing standards. You can read more about the event by looking at #CIMcustomer.

This is all very well in theory but how does this work in reality?

In my experience it is very hard to get all of these ‘ducks in a row’ but with a combination of a clear vision, honest and transparent messaging, rewarding recognition and strong leadership this can be achieved.

I would love to know your thoughts and hear about your experiences @katygibbins1

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