Why I love Storify

What is Storify?

Storify claims to ‘make the web tell a story’ and does just that. It’s a great finishing touch for post event or awards follow up to maximise publicity and engagement. For annual events, it is also useful for promoting the following year’s event. It’s free and really easy-to-use with a drag and drop interface. It is dependent on a range of media and interaction about the ‘story’ to be effective.


My Storify examples

Lambeth Community Awards 2015

Lambeth country show 2014 – 40th anniversary special

Lambeth Community Awards 2014

Top tips for Storify

  • You need an account.
  • As with any storytelling you need a beginning middle and end – have a think about this before you start.
  • Plan ahead for any tweets or images that you may need, e.g. event set up, individual award winners etc..
  • It is essential that you include your own social media and online activity as well as from other people and organisations.
  • It works best with a range of media such as images, tweets, webpages and Facebook posts.
  • Share the Storify link on your main channels and with everyone involved with the ‘event’ as a thank you and encourage them to share it.

Get storifying and share your results with me @katygibbins1

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