Events – it’s all in the detail, part 2 of 2

The next stage of event planning

I hope you can benefit from my experience and advice and have smooth running events every time (well almost as a lot depends on outside factors)!

For part 1 on some of the basics and initial steps to follow see below.

Events- it’s all in the detail, part 1 of 2

In the run up to the event

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  • Put together a room layout diagram
  • Brief your speakers/VIP’s in good time – allocate someone to ‘look after them’.
  • Brief your on the day team.
  • Visit the venue – check the technology and audio visual setup.
  • Plan your transport logistics and get all your event materials together in one place.
  • Prepare and follow a checklist for outstanding tasks.

On the day

  • Ensure you have enough staff/volunteer helpers.
  • Bring phone numbers, spare papers and stationery.
  • Maximise promotion through social media.

After the event

  • thank you, languagesThank everyone involved!
  • Ask for delegate feedback – learn and improve.
  • Prepare a review to share with the project stakeholder.
  • Maximise promotion through follow up communications.



  • Do you have any other tips or experiences to share @katygibbins1?

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