How do you find your creative mojo?

My experience

To be creative you need a permissive and supportive environment, where no idea is a bad idea. Not all of the suggestions from a brainstorming session will make it to implementation, but if you don’t try then that one ‘gem’ might never be realised.

I went from a straight-laced local authority with strict limitations on branding and images, to a creative central government department. This environment has meant that the team and I have been able to embrace new technologies and ideas which has bought out my creativity for everyday applications. Creativity is not a ‘nice to have’ any more but integral to everything we do.

The challenges of being a creative communicator

I recently attended the Ask The Guru Alive With Ideas at PPL which explored some of the key blockers to creativity – and how to overcome them. Alive With Ideas summarised ‘the challenges of being a creative communicator‘ in their post.

Tell a duckI enjoyed practising the three tools to help think creatively and will definitely try these techniques. Each group were asked to tackle an IC challenge (e.g. launching an annual report or training programme) using one of the following approaches:




  • Ensure that two random words, allocated upfront are integral to the solution
  • Choose a celebrity and approach the exercise from their perspective and in their personal style
  • Take inspiration from Pixar to come up with an approach.

PPL recordsThis made the groups come at the challenge with a different perspective and come up with non-traditional and creative answers.





CIPR Inside blogged on the event:

What the duck? A session in creativity…

What next?

Try being a little bit creative everyday, surround yourselves with lovely things and people to inspire you. I’d love to hear how you get on.

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