Employer branding – authenticity and strong leadership are critical

A public sector perspective

Employer branding is mission critical to the success and survival of all organisations. It is important in relation to recruitment, retention and your organisations reputation. Authenticity and strong leadership is key to delivering a great employer brand which resonates with employees and customers alike.

This is just as important in the public sector and whilst employees may be driven by different rewards, the theory is the same. A strongly articulated employer brand will help to ensure colleagues are motivated and delivering effectively and the public are satisfied with the service they are receiving.

Employer branding in the age of the naked organisation

I took part in my first webinar (a seminar conducted over the internet) which was a very positive, convenient and informative experience. I’ve signed up to quite a few in the past but have not had the time to participate – I will make sure I do in the future!

CIPR Inside introduced Stephen Duncan from Weber Shandwick to discuss Employer Branding in the age of the naked organisation. Key points were summarised by participants at #EmployerBrand.

His introduction outlined the context for the session:

Business is coming under fire from all angles: activist investors, a hostile media, campaigning NGOs and disgruntled employees. In this context your Employer Brand has become an important tool to help you manage these reputation challenges, describing what your business stands for and your promise to the people you employ.

Stephen highlighted the importance of employees as advocates.

SW Airlines employer brandHe used a case study from South West Airlines who have effectively used employer branding to consistently outperform competitors. They effectively engaged and involved staff which led to great customer service and loyal customers.

Stephen spent time discussing Glass Door and how to work with this job search platform, which encourages employees to rate organisations.

He advised colleagues on how to deal with negative publicity or attention.

Employer branding– responding to criticism

The webinar will be available for members on the CIPR website and I would recommend listening to it.

Developing an authentic, attractive and distinct employer brand

Brand Power I was also lucky enough up to take place in a second employer branding webinar within the same week, this one was by ORC International, using #EmployerBrand. It was based on their White Paper – Stand out from the crowd.

Matt Roddan talked through the three dimension of an Employer Brand…

3-D Employer Brand








and five steps to a great Employer Brand.

5 steps to a great BP

Both webinars had consistent themes, I would love to hear how you approach your Employer Brand and any other advice or tips for success.

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