IC Space Live 2017!

What is the IC Space?

The IC space is the place for Internal Communication professionals across government to focus on best practice. The information in the IC Space has been pulled together to help you deliver excellent government communications. It’s a great resource for all aspects of internal comms so check it out– even if you’re not working government.

IC Space Live is where Government Communications Service IC professionals get together in person… a great way to network, share ideas and discuss IC issues of the day.

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A small fish in a big pond – local to central government communications

The transition

I would like to share my thoughts on my move from a local government to central government communications role.

Whilst I was job hunting I explored a number of private sector opportunities, but found myself coming back to, and feeling more comfortable with roles within the public service.

The UK Civil Service involves the expertise of 300,000 people, so I am often surprised at how many of them know each other work reach other departments in the past. I arrived during the post Brexit summer and inevitably this is a focus of many conversations and work priorities.

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The Government Communication Service approach

GCSWhat is the Government Communication Service (GCS)?

The GCS is the professional body for people working in communication roles across government. It’s aim is to deliver world-class communications that support Ministers’ priorities, improve people’s lives and enable the effective operation of our public service. It serves both politicians and the public.

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